Most clients are unfamiliar with how the booking and payment process play an integral roll in an outfitter’s day-to-day operations. Hollow Ground operates throughout the year, based upon the installments from its clients.

February 1st

The first installment is due. This allows us to secure our first installment to our landowners. This will allow us to maintain and obtain the best property in the area.

June 1st

The second installment is due. This time frame is when permit applications become available.  The cost of the permits and license is the clients full responsibility.  We will be glad to assist throughout the entire process to help you obtain your permits.   This makes the entire booking process simple and hands free, an incentive for our clients.  

September 1st  

The third and final installment is due. This ensures our leases are paid to our landowners before the season begins. If you need to make other arrangements, we will be more than willing to work with you.

You can book your hunt with us by contacting us directly (217-440-0319) or by filling out our online booking form and submitting it by email or fax. Your hunt is not considered “booked” until your deposit of $500 has been received. This is a non-refundable deposit. Please see the cancellation policy for further information.

Hollow Ground Booking Contract


There will be a 3% Convenience fee added to all credit card transactions