Options for investing your hard earned money are endless. Of course the stock market is the first thing that comes to mind, and if managed correctly can pay high dividends. The safest investment that most people refer to though is raw land. Sure property can have it peaks and valleys, but the saying “they aren’t making any more of it” speaks for the value in this investment. Hollow Ground Guide Service is at ground zero with the development of their operation and looking for individuals interested in investing in properties with a solid ROI. We have years of experience in land management and expertise in locating the ideal hunting property, so allow us to find you your next big investment. Many investors are looking for alternative avenues for return other than cash rent for farming. By working with HGGS, we are able to fill the niche of the hunting lease while you the owner are still able to enjoy the benefits of land ownership through our hunting program. Harrison is a licensed broker in Illinois, and can help guide you to finding the best property to fit your investment portfolio. Give us a call to discuss some of the options (217-440-0319) and feel free to view our listings at