Management Plan

Our management plan is simple, but very customized for our goals. Many places have a flat scoring range on the deer harvested on their properties. This is better than nothing. What we have found is that not all bucks that meet this scoring range are mature. At the same time, some mature bucks will never make that particular score. Some outfitters claim to be able to age deer, but without a biologist taking a tooth sample, it is an educated guess at best. At Hollow Ground we have created a scoring chart, depending on the framework of the buck.

Main Frame 8 point – 130” gross

Main Frame 9 point – 140” gross

Main Frame 10 point or Non-Typical – 150” gross

Again, this is not a perfect system, but we find this to be a better gauge based on the age structure of the animals we are trying to harvest. There is no leniency or grace in our scores. The penalty for failing to meet these measurements is $1,500 due immediately. This is not designed to be a revenue generator for the operation. It is designed to be a deterrent to ensure the quality of our deer will be above and beyond what is available in other areas. Hollow Ground’s management plan also gives back to the landowners. Not only are we protecting the crop of bucks, but we also give $500 of the penalty back to the landowner of the ground from the which the buck was harvested.

We also realize that although our deer herd is abundant, there are only so many mature bucks available each season. At Hollow Ground, if you draw blood your hunt is over. We strive to create the best shooting scenarios possible for our clients. But as we all know, the big boys rarely give us the “chip shot”. Please be in tune with your equipment before arriving, and refrain from unethical shots. We will do everything possible to recover your deer. If we are unsuccessful in the recovery, we have access to the best tracker in the country. While we provide the opportunity to “call in the dogs”, you the client are responsible for the cost. If we have exhausted all efforts in recovery, and are still unsuccessful, you have the option to buy another hunt. For an additional $1,000, you may continue your hunt. This is only fair for the remaining hunters in camp. Wound another animal and your hunt with us will be concluded for the season.  In addition, we now offer “insurance” for the tracking dog.  If you wish to purchase tracking dog insurance, $100 is due at time of check in and Hollow Ground will cover the cost of hiring the tracker if we need to use his services.